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Innovative and energy-efficient proofing/cooling technology based on
ultrasonic humidification for high quality bakery products         

Funding Scheme: KBBE – Projekt im 7. Forschungsrahmenprogram
Project Duration: 01.11.13 – 31.10.15
Project Manager: Sonja Guttmann

The NanoBAK2 project aims to bring together European SMEs from the bakery industry (including both equipment manufactures and bakeries) and ttz Bremerhaven to prove and disseminate the technical and economic viability of a method for low-energy proofing and cooling in SME bakeries

The here proposed concept is built on the outcomes of the successfully finished European research project NanoBAK (Novel climatic chamber with an innovative, energy-saving nano-aerosol humidification system for the manufacture of high quality bakery products). In the frame of this collaborative research project a novel humidification system based on the generation of micro-droplets using ultrasound was tested for the use in bakeries – especially in the proofing process. Compared to conventional humidifiers, where water is heated up, evaporated and cooled down to the required temperatures the NanoBAK system operates at a very low level of energy consumption. The produced technical and scientific results have been excellent and very promising in terms of energy and cost efficiency. Furthermore offers the novel humidification system with micro aerosols high quality bakery products with shiny, crispy crust, large volumes and long shelf-life.

Based on these valuable outcomes, it is planned that within NanoBAK2 to use the technology in the cooling stage as well and to construct pre-commercial prototypes which will be implemented at SME bakeries. The gained knowledge and tools of NanoBAK will be further specified, applied and demonstrated in praxis and developed to direct market applications. 

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