ALGAEFOOD Projektbeschreibung

Creating healthy and tasty dairy products with algea from the North Sea

Funding: BAiF - KA
Project Duration: 01.06.2009 - 30.11.2010
Project Manager: Marie Shrestha
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The project aims at creating healthy and tasty dairy products with algea from the North Sea. The products will consider special demands for people with certain nutritive deficiencies. Regarding the high level of the goods' sensory qualities they will contribute to amplify life quality for consumers.

In order to assure good processability, algae will be dried with different methods (freeze drying, fluidised-bed drying). Analysing the substances with Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry - /High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Ion Chromatography, nutritional values and critical ingredients will be measured in starting and end products.

At the facilities of the project partner Meierei Langenhorn, the characteristics of fresh and dried macro algae will be under examination during the production process of cheese and curd production. By using certain additives, the texture will be optimized. Products that consumer prefer in internal tasting panels will be further analysed.


Further information on the Algaefood project:

Press release: "A healthy appetite for North Sea algea"