The EuroFIR Food Platform: Further integration, refinement and exploitation for its long-term self sustainability

Funding: EU FP7
Project Duration: 01.04.2011-31.03.2013
Project Manager: Claudia Krines 
Homepage: www.eurofir.net/eurofir_aisbl/projects/eurofir_nexus

The EuroFIR Nexus proposal was one of only two proposals (out of a possible six) selected for contract negotiations with the Commission in June 2010. The project is led by Paul Finglas (IFR) and its objective is to further integrate/refine the EuroFIR activities and to improve/support the ways research is undertaken into relationships between food, diets and health in Europe.

The focus is on extending the application and exploitation of validated food data and tools for pan-European nutrition studies and networked usage, implementation of standards and best-practice.

The consortium comprises 19 beneficiaries (seventeen former EuroFIR NoE partners including EuroFIR AISBL).

ttz Bremerhaven is one of twenty-three 3rd parties (including fitteen national food database compiler organisations) who are participating under EuroFIR AISBL. The activities of ttz Bremerhaven include specifically the provision of feedback and advice on EuroFIR Nexus tools and services, gathering industrial stakeholder feedback and supporting communication strategies for industrial stakeholders & SMEs.


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