Development and standardization of a process for the production of an enzyme preparation made from koji for the use in bakery products

Funding: Aif-ZIM/KF (programme of the BMWi)
Project Duration: 01.01.2011 - 31.12.2012
Project Manager: Tobias Fitzel
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Till the middle of the 20th century enzymes were used in form of enzyme-containing raw materials like malt flours, malt extracts or legume flours in bakery products. Just since approximately 60 years enzyme preparations have been used and are becoming more and more widespread nowadays. The production of these preparations is carried out biotechnologically by the help of microorganisms like fungi or bacteria. The knowledge regarding the mode of operation of enzymes in bakery products is permanently expanded. Hence today more and more new enzyme preparations are developed.

The different technical enzyme preparations contain in each case different enzymes. In the baked goods industry there normally are added several preparations at the manufacturing of one product.

The aim of this project is to produce an enzyme preparation containing all for bakery purposes needed enzymes in a satisfying amount and activity by the production of a widely known traditional food, namely koji.

The technologic development of the research-project therefore consists of the optimization and adaption of the production process of koji, so as to produce the favored enzymes in an adequate amount and to avoid unwanted by-products.

A more or less standardized enzyme preparation for the use in the baked goods sector shall be gained by an adequate production and preparation. The production of the enzyme preparation shall on the one hand take place by drying of koji to the needed enzyme preparation and on the other hand by the production of an extract from koji.

The newly developed preparation shall lead to a simplified handling and/ or in individual cases to a modified declaration on ingredients lists (clean label).