Development of the cutting parameters of baking products with rye

Funding: AIF-KF
Project Duration: 01.09.2008 – 31.03.2010
Project Manager: Thomas Park
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Rye and wheat grain are the main raw materials in the bakery. The different resulting product characteristics as well as the different parameters for cutting and processing are depending on the specific botanical functional differences of rye and wheat grain. The cutting of baked products made from rye grain causes problems naturally.

The objective of this research work is to develop a cutting device and to carry out tests under industrial conditions which fulfil all actual requirements of the industrial production of baked products with a high amount of rye grain. Moreover, the cutting of “hot?? baked products shall be taken into account in this research work. This requirement considers the circumstance, that with the presently necessary cooling of the baked products down to 35°C, a higher risk of microbiological contamination is given, because microorganism can be adhere through cross contamination.

When products containing rye grain are cut, the development of a specific ultrasonic-cutting-technology is the next step. It will contribute to make baked products sterile directly after the baking process.