Innovatives bedarfsangepasstes Kommunalenergieträger-Konzept


Funding: BMU-Förderprogramm „Energetische Biomassenutzung“
Project Duration: 15.09.2013 – 16.03.2015
Project Manager: Andreas Schonhoff
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In the project IbeKET five project partners have joined forces to investigate the use of biomass from the landscape- and waters-care for energy use. The focus is on the development of a regionally transferable concept for thermal and thermo-chemical energy recovery and decentralized use which is in line with demand.

Often used material in combustion and gasification is wood, which can be substituted by the intelligent use of not or little used materials. The concept development for the providing of material, the processing and the flexible energy use of regionally generated, wet biomass is based on a practical application and the interlocking of individual technologies of involved partners.

At first the procedural processing begins with the so-called florafuel process, where critical parameters/characteristics such as Chlorine and potassium levels can be reduced. The following pelleting enables the gasification and combustion. The analyzes and tests to be carried out within the project IbeKET will allow the determination of necessary procedural changes and enable result-oriented conditioning and optimization of fuels (e.g. use of additives). Such a possibly required iterative process shall answer the question of a suitable fuel design with defined qualities - even with biomass of different type and origin.

The transferable regionally oriented concept with its idea of regional added value is aimed to municipalities, industrial and waste management enterprises or agricultural cooperatives. The regional concept for the use of biomass as an innovative idea provides another building block in the development of renewable energy.

The project partners are: Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH, florafuel AG, LUTRA GmbH, Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH & Co KG