Harvesting by traps

Live food production plant for organic cultivation of shrimp larvae

Funding: BMWI - ZIM - KOOP NKF
Project Duration: 01.05.2014 - 30.04.2016
Project Manager: Sabrina Natalie Kalita

The demand for organic certified prawns in the EU and USA is rising continuously. However, today’s production lines are not able to satisfy the demand for organic larvae, because the process is not certifiable after certain additions have been included in the EU regulation on organic farming (EG 710/2009).

Currently valid certificates of organic hatcheries are based on transitional periods and certain exemptions for the use of parent animals (wild catch possible) and animal feeds (conventional feeds allowed). However, these exemptions end in 2015. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to develop new processes to be able to supply organic feed for the raising of the larvae. Otherwise, organic certificated prawns can no longer be offered in German supermarkets.

The project aims at replacing conventional feed by novel, organically certified feed, i.e. the production of live food such as artemia, rotifers and microalgae.

Important elements of the project include the development of a new filter system as well as novel harvesting methods which can guarantee that even the smallest feed animals will be detained and not block the water flow into the next component.

The project focuses on three main points:

  • Conception, design and realization of live food and development of a sustainable and economic feeding plan without conventional animal feed. (Polypan GmbH)
  • Enhancement of modern filter systems for saltwater applications (ttz Bremerhaven)
  • Conception of new harvesting methods for live feed as well as culture vessels (Ratz Aqua & Polymer Technik)