Establishment of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) in Eastern Europe to conduct local and district heating systems

Funding Scheme: FP7, IEE
Project Duration: 01.09.2010 – 31.08.2012
Project Manager: Malte Trumpa
Homepage: www.bio-heat.eu

Together with international partners, ttz Bremerhaven is working on replacing fossil fuels with sustainably produced energy wood in Eastern Europe. Through the introduction of Short Rotation Coppice, so-called SRC for fast-growing trees, power plant operators and farmers will have the possibility to obtain energy from reproducible and environmentally friendly raw materials. The long-term objective is to run existing local and district heating systems in Central and Eastern Europe on biomass from wood, which would mean a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for the plant operators. The framework for this is provided by BIO-HEAT, an EU funded project.


The main objectives of the project BIO-HEAT are:

  • Implementation of SRPs and the use of the generated biomass as a biofuel for heat liberation. Reduce of CO2 emissions, promotion of regional value chains, provide new jobs.
  • Establishment of this technology in the new accession countries of the European Union, feed-in of the generated heat into the existing district heating network. Conceivable is the co-firing of wood in coal power stations, as well as decentralised wood heating systems.
  • Promotion of the efficient and environmentally friendly energy production by the use of constructions run on biomass for power and heat coupling. Less use of fossil fuels, examine the current status of local and district heating technology in the countries of Eastern Europe, foster the exchange of information between farmers and power plant operators.  

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