Production of Biogas and Fertilizers out of Wood and Straw

Funding: CRAFT-Project in the 6th EU Framework Programme
Project Duration: 01.07.2004 - 30.06.2006
Project Manager: Dr. Anne Berghoff
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Overall aim of the PROBIO project is the development of a modular biogas reactor system for the use of cellulose-rich materials for the simultaneous production of biogas and fertilisers.

Biomass can be considered as a strategic resource because not only is it renewable, but it is also available everywhere and can be used as alternative fuel and as raw material for the production of electricity and chemicals. It may also raise benefits for the environment and for socio-economic development, particularly in a rural areas.

Cellulose is the most abundant and renewable biopolymer as well as the most widespread energy source in the world. Due to its long chains the digestion of cellulose by simple organisms is difficult, i.e. the cellulose transformation takes long time. Cellulose-containing materials can be converted enzymatically, given a chemical or physicochemical pre-treatment to split up the polysaccharides, into glucose-containing materials. Glucose can be converted during the biogas process in methane. By this conversion a gas (biogas) originates, that leaves the process and therefore has no negative impact on the bacteria. Biogas is an approved fuel which serves as lean gas for the drive of CHPs.

For a categorisation of the end users of PROBIO technology, two criteria were essential: their access to lingocellulose material and their readiness to utilise final products (i.e. heat, electricity and fertiliser) on site where biomass is produced.