Land Protection by Improvement of Dike Construction

Funding: CRAFT-Project in the 6th EU-Framework Programme
Project Duration: 01.10.2006 - 31.03.2009
Project Manager: Barbara de Mena
Homepage: www.prodicon.eu

Flood disasters account for about a third of all natural catastrophes throughout the world. Trend analyses reveal that this climatic phenomenon increased drastically in recent years. For this reason, it is important to take appropriate steps without delay.

On the one hand, the efforts that are being taken to combat climate change must be stepped up, while on the other hand we must pay more attention to flood protection and loss minimisation or prevention. These disasters could be significantly attenuated by improved technical flood protection. One main part of flood protection is the dike rehabilitation of existing dikes as the majority of existing dikes do not fulfil the existing safety standards. Some of them were already built more than 150 years ago.

Existing dike rehabilitation techniques are quite often expensive with a limited field of application. The proposed PRODICON system will target this problem as it intends to develop a universal dike rehabilitation technology applicable to all types and states of dikes. The PRODICON technology is an innovative and economical technology for dike rehabilitation due to the onsite and in-situ preparation of the novel dike sealing material. By applying the PRODICON technology during dike rehabilitation, transport processes can be minimised significantly. Beside the material development, the project aims to develop a novel technique for the application of dike sealing material. It can also be applied to wetted and softened dikes where the usual technologies must fail due to heavy construction machines.