Sustainable and Cleaner Production in the Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan

Funding: Switch Asia
Project Duration: 01.03.2009 - 28.02.2013
Project Manager: Faraz Rasheed Mir

The project SCI-Pak is aiming at the implementation of guidelines for sustainable production in Pakistan´s textile and tannery sector. These industries are characterized by resource-intensive processing: energy consumption requires about 30 per cent of the production costs, followed by the usage of water and material resources. Guidelines for sustainable production have to provide evidence for attractive business conditions and long-term perspectives. Objectives of the SCI-Pak partners are: a higher acceptance of an effective resource management, a reduction of the energy consumption and a better efficiency. Analyses of the life cycle management will clear the way for further development.

During the past years, several initiatives for promoting Sustainable Production were started amongst the targeted industrial sectors. Thanks to these approaches the efficiency of energy and resource usage and the sustainability of the sewage disposal have been improved. Furthermore, a general consciousness for a Cleaner Production has been strengthened. Covering the whole process chain, they try to stimulate a production conform to the protection of the environment to become widely accepted on a municipal, national and international level. A political frame for supporting manufacturing with an ecological dimension will be initiated by an ongoing dialogue with municipal authorities. The project SCI-Pak is supposed to consolidate the relationship between the European Union and Pakistan´s research institutes and industry.

Workshops, assistance for adoption, guidelines and co-operations with local companies will foster knowledge-transfer on a later project stage. The project is supposed to work as a model for other industry sectors to save costs and meet rising ecological warranties.


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