The word "innovation" is on everyone's lips. It is above all small and medium-sized enterprises which often do not have sufficient capacities of their own to pursue innovation projects. ttz Bremerhaven supports enterprises of all sizes in the planning and realization of their innovation projects.

In view of the high degree of specialization and short product life cycles, innovations are nowadays rarely the "stroke of genius" of a luminary but instead the result of constructive teamwork in expert networks stretching across the globe. Our contacts and sectoral know-how, consolidated in such connections, have grown over the course of over 25 years and are an important asset.

The diversity of our international contacts is also mirrored in the ttz Bremerhaven team itself. Experts from a wide range of disciplines accompany your idea from initial evaluation and market assessment to choice of the right funding programme and proposal concept to support in commercialization. If so wished, we can also support enterprises at each step of the research and development work or else mediate suitable partners. In this way, projects of all sizes can be successfully implemented.

Since May 2009, ttz Bremerhaven is authorised to provide consulting services and advice within the go-Inno funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics. ttz Bremerhaven supports small enterprises in the framework of this programme in the realization of their ideas.


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