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Information platform on international standards for SMEs in the food sector


Specific Support Action in the 6th EU- Framework Programme

Project Duration:

01.04.2007 – 31.03.2009

Project Manager:

Jessica Wildner


In order to raise Food Quality and Safety the major European Food Retailers established a number of standards with various requirements, which potential suppliers (food producers) must fulfil. Therefore international food standards are a current topic of each SME in the European food industry. The standards focus on the following topics: Food Safety, HACCP, Quality management and research activities.

The objective of INPLISTA is to create a supporting information platform directed to specific needs of SME food enterprises in order to improve and stabilise their position in the European market and to assist in keeping up to date with current standards and requirements.


  • enhance Food Safety for SMEs by comprehensive information on globally adopted guidelines such as HACCP, BRC-GFS, IFS, EUREPGAP, EFSIS, Dutch HACCP, ISO 22000 and Codex Alimentarius
  • strengthen the European Food Safety with the beneficial impact of the realisation of standard requirements (improved monitoring, documentation systems, HACCP system, traceability system, allergen monitoring, GMO handling etc.)
  • promote and cross link European Research in order to enable innovative ways for the implementation of standard requirements
  • enable SMEs of Central and Eastern Europe to chose and implement the appropriate food safety system

These objectives will be reached by following actions:

  • The partners will develop, organise and arrange one-day seminars on general information about the standards in every participating country. Sector specific seminars will be created in order to develop practical solutions for the three major sectors (meat processing, dairy and fruit/vegetables) and issue specific seminars about allergen-, GMO handling and food traceability.
  • A homepage with information on material and continuous publications, a newsletter-system and FAQ’s will be set up.

The 16 partners of the INPLISTA project will activate and motivate approximately food SMEs from 15 European countries (including CEEC countries and one associated country) to join the discussion and information exchange. INPLISTA will realise the translation of complex topics to practical and suitable solutions for SME demands.

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