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Bioeconomy Research to get the Communication Boost

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Bioeconomy Research to get the Communication Boost it needs

CommNet, the EC funded support action project, is helping teams across Europe tell their research stories and disseminate the results of their work in the Bio economy to the public, professionals, parliamentarians and industry.

Bremerhaven, 24 July 2012. Research results from EC funded Bio economy projects have the potential to impact positively on the daily lives of all European citizens. “However, the work of and results from the hundreds of projects working on inter-connected but diverse topics across food & well-being, agribusiness, fisheries, forestry and biotechnology can easily be overlooked if information and knowledge is not communicated effectively to those who need to know”, says Mario Martinoli, Co-ordinator of CommNet.

The three year CommNet project is providing communications & media training, audiovisual production, articles, education materials, industry & policy forums for projects and individuals who join the CommNet network. These services are being provided free of charge to members of CommNet.

Rhonda Smith, Chair of the CommNet network and a partner in the project, says: “The CommNet project builds on the original informal communicator network CommNet, founded in 2005, that successfully provided joint training, communication and dissemination activities to food related projects. Driven by a need to raise awareness of the importance of effective knowledge transfer and of raising standards in communications delivery, the original CommNet fulfilled an important need which still exists today. I am delighted that we can offer support and expertise so that many more projects and individuals involved in Bio economy research can benefit from the network we are building and the complimentary services we are able to provide.”

Project Coordinator Mario Martinoli concludes: “Our mission is to improve significantly the information flow from research projects to key target groups, the users and consumers of research results. Better awareness, understanding and utilization of research results will inevitably lead to the generation of innovative and sustainable products and policies that will improve our daily lives.”

ttz Bremerhaven is in charge of defining efficient ways of communicating research results to SME’s and industry actors. Together with the Belgian project partner PRACSIS, ttz Bremerhaven is responsible for the planning and implementation of yearly industry forums to promote the outcomes of European Bioeconomy research projects. Additionally, ttz Bremerhaven identifies speaking opportunities for CommNet members on Bioeconomy events all over Europe and is thereby supporting the network members to communicate their project results to the general public.

Individuals can register themselves and their EC funded projects for free at www.commnet.eu where they will learn more about CommNet’s services. A Webinar is being held in July for registered members to hear more about CommNet’s services and activities, the first being communication training for scientists and dissemination leaders in Brussels (week commencing 24 September 2012) and CommNet’s first FAB forum for industry and policy makers also in Brussels (11-12 October 2012). CommNet members will be alerted directly by email to the Webinar and to CommNet’s first events.

Project partners are youris.com (Belgium), Minerva Ltd (UK), British Nutrition Foundation BNF (UK), PRACSIS (Belgium) and ttz Bremerhaven (Germany).

Further information about the project can be found under www.commnet.eu.

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